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Why not enjoy your pool all year round with one of our pool heaters. 

Heating a swimming pool can burn up a lot of energy and escalate your heating bills. You can improve your pool's energy efficiency by doing the following:

Install a high energy efficient pool heater that will decrease your costs for heating your pool somewhat.
Choosing a Gas-fired pool heater remains the most popular system for heating swimming pools.
Properly size up a gas pool heater, review efficiency and costs.

Gas pool heaters use either propane or natural gas. As the pump circulates the pool's water, the water drawn from the pool passes through a filter and then to the heater. The gas then burns in the heater's combustion chamber, creating heat that transfers to the water that's returned to the pool. You can find new gas-fired heater models with much higher efficiencies than older models. Still, depending on your climate and pool use, they may not be the most energy-efficient option when compared to heat pump and solar pool heaters. 

For those die hard swimming enthusiasts who'll take that plunge regardless of the weather, a Heat Pump is the recommended method. It is also the preferred method for therapy or athletic trainers, and also when a home is not "solar friendly" (or solar will not fit on roof.) A heat Pump, when properly sized, can maintain any desired pool temperature between 80 and 90 degrees, regardless of what the temperature is outside. Heat Pumps will work when the outside air temperature is at least above 45 degrees.

Solar Pool Heaters are best for recreational pool use and are recommended for those who prefer pool temperatures ranging from the low to mid 80's. Solar works year round in southern climates, and extends the season in northern climates. There may be times during inclement weather that the pool is too cool to use; however, several sunny days will most likely bring the pool back to your comfortable temperatures. Proper sizing is critical for good performance.